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  • Andrew Wainstein, Managing Director, Fantasy League Ltd

    Dear Jeff, I have been a client of  Aspire Independent Financial Planners for the last 15 years during which time I have received financial advice and services on a personal and company basis. In eve

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  • Miss T M Davis

    I have been a client of Aspire Independent Financial Planners, for the past 5/6 years. I have been fortunate in that I have always had dealings with Gary Plein who has from our first meeting, given me

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  • Tony Bush

    Dear Andrea, I am writing to thank you for an “excellent job done” in reorganizing my Pensions, Life Insurance and Savings, and because of that I will now be better off than I thought I would be w

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  • Bernard M Nyman, BM Nyman & Co

    Dear Andrea, Carole and I have been fortunate to have received your advice to take out Critical Illness Insurance. As always, when giving this advice, you told us that you hoped we would be wasting ou

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  • George McConville, Monarch Pest Control Services

    Dear Andrea, I recently had a meeting with you to discuss my future plans for pension, life assurance and other financial advice. After a lengthy meeting with you, I left with the knowledge that I nee

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